How To Manage The Situation Afterwards To Avoid Any Serious Long-Term Consequences

Colleagues will need some information but this is best kept simple and matter of fact. The key is to behave at all times in a professional manner.

Do say

  • "John is struggling a bit and has gone home."
  • "Claire has gone to see her doctor."
  • "Michael is quite poorly and we have taken him to see a doctor."
  • "You'll all have noticed that Rachel is not behaving as her normal self today and we have arranged for some professional support. I'll let you know what happens as I get to hear about."

Don't say

  • "John's gone home because he's depressed, his wife's left him"
  • "Claire has been behaving weirdly, as you all know, so we've sent her to the doctor"
  • "Michael was hearing voices, can you believe it? We've got him out of here to the doctor."
  • "You all saw Rachel crying, we had to call an ambulance to stop her killing herself.